How Reiki Can Help You



“I went to Esther as I was recovering from breaking my arm several places in a figure skating accident. I wanted to get back to skating and needed to get my brain as well as my body back together for that. I had never tried reiki before, but I also had never broken my arm before, so hey, why not? I went for 5 sessions each of which resulted in less pain and increased movement in the arm (the injury was near the shoulder, so range of motion is the major long-term concern with this type of injury). For lack of a better way to put it, I also had several somewhat "uncanny" experiences during sessions, with stuff popping up in my head that I really didn't expect. Esther is incredibly kind, spent considerable time with me that felt above and beyond, and really helped me feel ready to resume skating. If she's the right fit for you, you'll know!

A+ experience.”



I marvel at the shift toward greater calm, trust, and joy I feel since meeting and working with Esther. Our connection came about through a remarkable story involving one of my two dogs, Louis. Before I "met" Esther remotely -- I live in San Francisco -- she had been contacted by the person I adopted Louis from to help us locate my lost pup. When Louis ran away after only one day in my home, Esther was already at work, behind the scenes, connecting with my other dog, with me, and with lost Louis using reiki to guide each of us. I didn't know this at the time. Once we were introduced, Esther guided me to trust, and her intuition and wisdom guided me to expand my way of thinking around fear and panic. Louis returned to us the next day, after being in the U.S. only 24 hours from South Korea. I want to be brief here, but I also want to relay every encounter with Esther since then because each session continues to create a deep sense of alignment and joy for me, and for my pups! Esther is a gifted, dedicated healer, and I feel immense gratitude for this connection with her. ️️



"The way I found my way to Esther and Reiki was rather unconventional.  My dog Rio, a at the time 3 yrs old Jack Russell Terrier had to have brain surgery and developed Meningitis as a complication. It was hell. Five months after his surgery, he was still suffering and far from recovery. A friend told me that she heard Reiki helped wonders. I didn't know much about Reiki back then. I had heard about it but no idea what exactly it was or how it worked. Desperate to try everything that could help I asked around and somebody recommended Esther.  After her first session with Rio he started getting noticeably better, seemed to be in less pain and getting back to his funny and bratty self. I literally could watch his reactions to when Esther treated him. A dog doesn't know any of this. He could not just made it up. Or pretended anything. But I could see how he reacted to it and what it did to him. I got curious. I was going through a rough time myself, emotionally and physically, suffering from exposure to mold that left me with a weak immune system, tiredness, low energy levels, headaches. 

So I asked Esther if she could also treat me. 

I remember the first session I could feel some "movements" for a lack of a better word in my body. I fell asleep and I was knocked out. The third time my body reacted very different. It was hard to lay still. My whole body was tingling, I felt the blood rushing through it  and had the urge to stretch out all the time. Something was shifting and releasing. 

After Esther left I fell in a deep sleep for 10 hours and woke up feeling so much better than in a long time. 

I continued the treatment and almost every session was different. The way I felt it, the intensity, sometimes I fell asleep, sometimes I didn't. The effect it had was different too. Overall it helped me getting back to being myself again and I am very glad that I found Reiki and that it is a part of my life now."

/  Tina, New York, NY September 2016 /


"Dear Esther is a wonderful teacher; she is attentive to the needs of her students and open to their learning process. She is very thorough yet she makes sure to make the Reiki practice easily applicable to the lives of her students. She has a comforting and supportive way about her. I recommend her if you are interested in getting certified in Reiki or if you would like to add Reiki to your healing/supportive practice. Esther is also very giving of her healing work to the community of animals and those that love and protect animals."

/  Zhenia, Brooklyn, NY February 2018  /

Francesca before and after reiki at PS9 Pet Shop

Francesca before and after reiki at PS9 Pet Shop


"My husband, Blake, and I had never even considered Reiki as a treatment option, but when Esther saw me walking our limping dog and approached us about working with him, I felt such an instant connection with her, we decided to give it a try. Our dog, Hugo, a medium sized shepherd mix, somehow injured one of his front legs playing around in the park over 10 months ago. We visited two standard veterinarians and an orthopedic vet, got x-rays, tried strict rest, laser treatments, medication, more strict rest– all with little or no improvement. We were exasperated. After four 45-minute sessions, Hugo is walking and running like he hasn't been able to in months! Esther came to our home, put all three of us at ease and gave us a basic understanding of her practice. The experience really opened us to a way of thinking about health and happiness that was altogether new. We're so grateful and would recommend her to anyone dealing with health issues or even just curious to learn more about Reiki."

/  Paula, Brooklyn, NY February 2018  /


"She gives off an energy that gets the dogs to a nice calm place, and helps them relax... It helps with their stability in the shelter until they can find a permanent home....  You can see when Esther is there she brings the kennel to a silence."

/  Sean Casey, Founder and Director, Sean Casey Animal Rescue, Brooklyn NY

Quoted from an article in Brooklyn Paper, May 2017  /


"When I met Esther, I was in a lot of pain and she asked me if she could do some Reiki on me. I had heard of Reiki but always thought it was mystical nonsense. Being a lot pain I said sure why not.  Esther had been doing Reiki on me for a few times since. I suffer from arthritis in both hips and both knees and have hip displasia. I  am also in the middle of a divorce.  I don't know how to explain Reiki but to say it is really relaxing. I  also have insomnia I have never been able to take a nap.  But when I have a Reiki session with Esther I often fall asleep.  I believe that this relaxation is helping me to heal.  I know it helped me to be calmer and have a clearer way of thinking while I'm going through my divorce.  She gives me Reiki homework to help me sleep at night. It is very effective.  I now sleep through the night."

/  Pamala, Brooklyn, NY 2017  /